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ATO Experts Ltd.

ATO Experts Ltd.

Why choose ATO Experts?

If you are looking for accredited professional and clear ITIL® training materials, the solution is right here.

ATO Experts provides extensive help to you to develop ITIL® trainings in your country.

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ATO Experts Ltd. is an ITIL Accredited Training Provider which is using innovative delivery model (indirect model) to help business partners to develop their own ITIL Training business. ATO Experts is aiming to be the best courseware provider for accredited courses and the best partner to companies which would like to develop training business in their countries.

Our key benefits:

  • ATO Experts is selling services through partners around the world.
  • ATO Experts is providing full model indirectly.
  • ATO Experts is helping to sell its trainings through partners.
  • ATO Experts is not competing against partners, it is supporting them.
  • ATO Experts is providing a "pay per use" model, no fixed or hidden costs.
  • ATO Experts is using short and easy understandable agreements with partners.
  • ATO Experts is an ITIL based company, using Service Desk and ITIL processes to manage quality of service based on SLAs.

ATO Experts HQ is located in London, which is also a Registered Office. The European Office Centre for EU operations is located in Central Europe, in the Czech Republic, Prague.



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